Los Angeles, California, the “City of Angels” to many people is simply the iconic head of the film industry in the United States. It might be easy to forget that there is more to the city than that. It is rich in history that precedes any film ever made. The beautiful landscapes in the outlying areas are rich in color and contrasts. Some want to emulate this in the Art they choose to display. Cassteen Ironworks/Metal Art Colorado can create your Metal designs for you to proudly display them.

Everyone has different interests and different things that they find to be beautiful or as a way to express themselves. To those that want to make their home or business a place that reflects what is important to them, Metal Art is the way to go. Cassteen Ironworks/Metal Art Colorado can create indoor and outdoor wall hangings, garden and landscaping pieces, and display pieces ranging from small to large in size. To have us begin your design use our Custom Work page.

Los Angeles, California is known for it’s mild to hot weather, so there are many patios and decks in the city, suburbs and rural/outlying areas. Cassteen Ironworks/Metal Art Colorado can create custom made patio furniture and fencing/landscaping accessories that are unique and will last the test of time. We also make steel and granite tables that project strength and elegance.

We have many years of experience in the Metal Art industry. We have many satisfied customers that return to us for custom made pieces, or simply SHOP from our website for “in-stock” items. If you are shopping for a gift in the Los Angeles, California area, check out Cassteen Ironworks/Metal Art Colorado!