Metal Art USA Flags

Battle Torn Flag & United States Flag


The very first American flag that we designed and cut is a flag that looks like it is blowing in the wind.  We added this to our two online stores and it has been a great hit.  We receive many orders for this flag and have a hard time keeping it in stock; we typically cut 10 of these flags every few weeks.





We started getting requests via our online stores for other types of American flags, like a Battle Torn Flag and or a Battle Worn Flag.  As of this month, June 2017 we now have 3 different types of flags for sale: in-store, on Etsy, and on Amazon.

While my mom, Vivian was designing the Battle Torn Flag she didn’t like it very much but kept at it till it was complete.  When she showed me the flag on the computer before cutting it, I was not sure of it myself, but was hopeful that it would look great once my dad Chris added his artistic flare to it.  Once, the Battle Torn Flag was finished I was so proud to see it in its final stage.  It turned out to be a great design and a beautiful flag.

When Vivian was done designing the Battle Torn Flag, she also designed a flag shaped like the United States and in the middle of the flag; it says “God Bless America.” When, I saw this flag on the computer before it was cut and finished I had no doubt that it would look great once, Chris added his artistic flare to it.


Out of all three flags that we offer, I would have to say that the Battle Torn Flag is my favorite because it is so unique and different.  What makes this flag so unique is that it is not just flat, but is slightly bent in a couple of places to give it a 3D effect