Our Latest Metal Yard Art in Parker, CO

Looking for some new lawn decoration ornaments this year, we have new metal yard art in Parker, CO.  You can call 303-841-7317 for more information.

So my mom, Vivian and myself towards the middle of winter were discussing what new metal art we were going to make for this year.  The first thing that we decided to work on is making metal yard art for the lawn and the garden.  Some of our customers last year said it would be nice if we could make butterflies that were bigger and taller.  Some of our customers asked for garden stakes to mark were they planted there vegetables, and herbs.

So we made butterflies that were bigger and on longer stakes; my mom loves butterflies, hummingbirds and dragonflies.  I love things that are fantasy based art; so we put our garden fairy

on a stake to put in the yard as well.  We knew that we needed to have more than just butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds, and fairies for the yard.  We came up with a list of what we thought people like in there yard.  We have made squirrels, black bears, rabbits, geckos, salamanders, spiders, frogs, roosters, hens, baby chicks and many other animals to go in the yard.  We also made garden stakes for the garden, these have the names of vegetables, and herbs.

We have also made wind-chimes, and spinners to decorate your porch.

All of these are available in our store and will be available for sale on-line by the end of this month.  You can leave your comments on our Facebook page.