Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has always been synonymous with Iron and Steel. Metal Art has been around for centuries, some 10,000 years. It’s no wonder that residents and business owners alike would want Art that speaks of the history of the city itself. Cassteen Ironworks/Metal Art Colorado specializes in creating these pieces of art for you.

It seems that our homes and businesses have all become full of the same decorative items, due to the fact that large companies buy millions of items and sell them at a discounted rate. There is nothing personal about them. Nothing to set the ideals or interests of one person aside from the next. Metal Art custom designs have changed this. More and more people in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area are creating their own designs and Cassteen Ironworks/Metal Art Colorado is the company that can take the idea and create a beautiful and unique finished product. You can use our Custom Work page to get started.

Whether your idea is functional or simply for display, Cassteen Industries/Metal Art Colorado can create what you pictured in your mind. We make custom patio furniture and indoor/outdoor wall hangings for home or business. Many public areas or government buildings are now using Metal Art as a means to convey an image or ideal they want represented. We create timeless family name and business signs that are replacing neon and other mediums. Our garden and landscaping items bring more personality to your outdoor area in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We also make steel and granite tables to add a tough of strength or elegance to any area that you display and use it. Metal Art is versatile and can be functional, and it lasts forever! You can also SHOP our in-stock items to order items on our website. Cassteen Industries/Metal Art Colorado has a wide variety of items to choose from. Check it out!