34050 E 13th Pl
Watkins, CO 80137


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Quote Date April 24, 2019
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Michael Graves

7765 S. Joplin Ct
Englewood, Colorado 80112

I would like to have the front tire of the motorcycle on the top rock with the rider riding towards the pine trees making it look like he just crested the hill and he is getting ready to drop down the other side. I also would like to have the words 2019 COTAH RALLY  1st with the numbers being the same size as the letters in knockouts but the 1st I want the number 1 and st to be set up like the medallion so that the st is off to the side of the number 1. I want the same thing for the 2nd and 3rd. The finish of all three trophies I would like them to be the heat tempered like the chickens so they don't look the same.

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