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Quote Date April 2, 2019
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Randall Shute

3973 Harts Mill Lane NE
Atlanta, ga 30319

Hello Casteen Ironworks,

Your artwork is beautiful!  I'm interested in purchasing the "Owl on a Tree Branch" in standard grinded finish. However, I'm also interested in a custom piece, 6-8" inches Round of a Barred Owl (if possible) because I'm building a Barred Owl nesting box along with a observation perch so the owls can scan the property for prey.  The platform will be 25' in the air!  The Round artwork would be similar to the Fisherman and Son Round.  I'm going to mound the Round artwork on the front of the observations perch.  Dimensions would be 6-8" in diameter and would have 3 eyelet holes on the outside of the artwork equidistant from each other (sort of if a "Peace Sign" distance apart so one hole at the top of the round artwork and one at "4 O'Clock" and the other at "8 O'Clock".  Your artwork will make my platform the most unique artwork in the yard and the envy of the neighborhood (probably not really)  Ha, ha!  But it'll still be super-cool to have your artwork in my backyard habitat.  We've attracted 40 birds to the habitat and the Barred Owl is one of our visitors.  I'll send picks of the box and platform when I'm finished building them and installing them.  Thanks for creating such beautiful artwork.  I'm very impressed and super-excited about adding them to my box and platform.  Randy Shute - Backyard Habitat creator and bird lover!  Thanks again!!

PS. I'd like to purchase all items at once so I only have to pay one shipping fee.  Thank you.

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