What is sandblasting used for?

How familiar are you with the concept of sandblasting? If you’re the handy type, there’s a chance you already know of this process, or may have even carried it out yourself once before. If you are unfamiliar, though, that is perfectly okay! The purpose of this blog is to educate you on what sandblasting is and, more specifically, what it is used for in terms of home design and repair. Read on to learn all you need to know about sandblasting and how professionals utilize it for Parker, CO home improvement.


You will often find Parker, CO professionals using sandblasting to clean surfaces that can’t be easily wiped or hosed down otherwise. This includes possessions as mundane as your car or SUV, your outdoor furniture and even the very surface of your home.

If the furniture you’ve set aside for outdoor use has grown worn-looking from dirt and age, you can use sandblasting to clean it and restore it to like new condition. The same goes for homes, which are typically much too large to spray and wipe, like you would your windows. Additionally, as houses age, their paint and other aesthetic work can fade over time. Sandblasting gets rid of some of the more aesthetically apparent signs of aging in a home.

Metal Treatment

Sandblasting is not only useful for cleaning your home and outdoor furniture, but also many of the metal parts of your home that don’t respond well to moisture. This includes your fencing and, in some cases, your basement window covers, if you chose metal grates over glass panes. Sandblasting is a great way to get rid of rust and other forms of metal decay that commonly plague the metal fixtures of your home over time.

If you have a part of your home that is in need of cleaning beyond soap, water and sprays, consider hiring a sandblasting service in Parker, CO to get the job done.

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